Commercial Fiction FAQ

Commercial Fiction Masterclass

Where is the commercial fiction masterclass held?

At the Noel Lothian Hall within the beautiful setting of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens on the fringe of the city. It is 10 mins walk to the Mall.

Is there parking at the Noel Lothian Hall?

Yes, meter parking a minute or so from the hall but adjacent to the gardens. Parking tickets for the five days can be purchased at the building next door to the Noel Lothian Hall or through the Botanic Gardens. You can also find street parking in and around the Gardens but most people prefer the security of meter parking.

Do I need a finished manuscript to attend masterclass?

No, but it helps for you to be working on a commercial fiction manuscript that you are committed to, or, that you have an idea for a novel that you would like to develop using the masterclass as your springboard into the unknown waters of commercial fiction and submissions to publishers.

Will Fiona read my work?

Yes. 10 pages of your manuscript will be read up to eight weeks ahead of the masterclass. A full report will be prepared based on her opinion and reading experience. Fiona will share her thoughts with you in a private discussion.

Where should I stay?

Attending writers choose everything from nearby hotels to local B&B accommodation although most choose to stay in the executive cabins of the Adelaide Caravan Park opposite the Botanic Gardens in the leafy suburb of St Peters. It is very clean, quiet, reliable and an easy five minute walk to the venue. Anyone staying in hotels will need a taxi or to set off with – depending on your speed – approx. half an hour allotted to walk to the venue.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing. Yourself, your sense of humour, an open attitude and a desire to learn from others, even if you think you’ve heard it all before.

Is there homework?

Yes. Each night.

Is the commercial fiction masterclass a guarantee of publication?

Absolutely not. Only your talent as a storyteller and solid writer of fiction that sells can carry you all the way through to publication. However, masterclass will help you to look at your writing in a new way and to feel freshly motivated about your storytelling.

Will Fiona help me after the masterclass?

You will join a private Facebook group which includes the entire masterclass alumni community as well as a group for your particular masterclass. Breakout groups by genre or aims are also being formed and there is massive amount of support from within the community. Fiona visits these groups regularly and offers advice, and she is always available by email to a masterclasser. But please, don’t be needy.

Will Fiona read my novel when I’m ready to submit?

No. There are presently 100 writers in the masterclass alumni (growing by 50 people annually) and it would be unreasonable to expect Fiona to read everyone’s novels prior to submission.

I am a teacher. Can I use any of the material from masterclass with my students?

No. You alone are paying to attend masterclass. None of the materials or exercises in masterclass are for public use.