Online Masterclass FAQ

Online Masterclass FAQ

Will Fiona read my work?

No. She only reads the work of the physical masterclass students.

Will Fiona help me to get published if I do these modules?

No. There will be no correspondence entered into. However, if you wish to attend a physical masterclass, the cost of Let’s Get Writing will be reimbursed into the cost of attending a physical masterclass. And through the physical masterclass, Fiona will help introduce you to the publishing landscape.

Will I get published if I do this course?

That’s entirely up to you and your talent as a storyteller.

Will this course make me a writer of commercial fiction?

This series of 10 x 15-minute modules is designed to motivate and inspire you with yourdecision to explore writing commercial fiction.

How long do I have to watch the Let’s Get Writing series?

Once you pay and register, you have 10 days from your selected starting date to complete viewing.