Commercial Fiction Signature Masterclass

“In one week, Fiona transformed me from a flip-flopping procrastinating over-planner into a gun-slinging organised professional … she changed the way I write forever. My first children’s book will be published with a major international publisher in 2015.”



The Commercial Fiction Masterclass is designed to propel writers from simply talking about the novel they want to write, to confronting the task, doing the hard yards and finding the courage to submit their manuscript to publishers for consideration. The aim is to offer participants much more than just creative advice.

At least a dozen of Fiona’s Masterclass graduates have signed top line publishing deals after completing her course and applying their learnings.  Many are under consideration with major publishers. There are always up to a dozen in play, moving onto the desks of commissioning editors in the major houses. Read the stories of Masterclassers who have used the week to springboard into publishing contracts here.  Many have move into their first e-book contracts and several are emerging as new writers from a self published background. All are celebrated.

Fiona McIntosh has a shelf of novels that sell around the world and in various translations. In the adult fantasy genre she remains a firm favourite, her children’s fiction has been lauded and her adult crime novels shortlisted, but it is her adventuresome, romantic fiction reaching across the globe – from Istanbul to India, from Cornwall to Tasmania, from the Flinders Ranges to Provence, and from London and Paris – that have captured the widest readership and a solid legion of fans.  Her reputation in the general commercial fiction market is now well established and with 32 novels bearing her name, she has the relevant experience and success to share.

Her 5-day Commercial Fiction Masterclass includes guidance on all aspects of producing quality commercial fiction especially for the widest reading audience – women – as well as access to industry experts. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a writer who has begun his or her journey into crafting novels.  The course resonates at all levels but participants should not be dismissive of the fundamentals and be prepared to re-hash the essentials of what makes a novel tick commercially.  And for those writers of commercial fiction who have done the writing classes, read the writing books, consider themselves competent writers and yet still find themselves looking for that elusive catalyst that propels them toward publication, this five days of boot camp has proven itself to be an opportunity for truly understanding what comes next in order to achieve the dream.

Writers across all genres are welcomed, although those pursuing children’s picture books or stories for the very young are encouraged to look for a specific workshop designed for that specialised market.  Anyone working within the YA, New Adult and an Adult market will suit the week well.  Unless the intention is to fictionalise, then memoir writers should also look for a course that is specifically designed to aid the crafting of an autobiography.

Currently held in the beautiful Adelaide Botanic Gardens, the 5-day intensive bootcamp allows for a maximum of 18 attendees and includes morning and afternoon tea daily, lunch daily as well as a key guest speakers including a top publisher.



April 2020 shifting to August 2020 Covid 19 regulations permitting.  Two places now available.  

April 2021 is filling fast. Five places remaining (May 2020).

The 2022 commercial fiction masterclass is open for bookings.

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