Mini Masterclass

Before Mini Masterclass I was feeling lost and uncertain about my writing, but 3 days with Fiona changed everything – my writing, my skill set, ME! Fiona’s Mini Masterclass delivered on many levels; Fiona was inspiring, generous, informative (her knowledge is amazing), she faced our challenges head on and shared with humour and honesty.

Carolyn McCarthy, Queensland

This is a pared back version of the 5-day intensive commercial fiction masterclass. The informal surrounds of the Clare Valley in SA’s mid north adds a laid back, unpressured format for up to 10 writers only. This smaller group equates to more one on one time with Fiona and a chance to discuss life, stories and writing.

There is no set homework, no pressure, few exercises but magically almost all the same landscape of the 5-day masterclass is covered at a slower, less intense pace.

It translates into three wonderful days of enrichment and encouragement amongst the vineyards that should leave all of its participants inspired and feeling freshly motivated.

Writers should not think for a moment that they stand less of a chance of being published by coming to the three day weekend course. In fact we have the manuscripts of mini masterclassers lined up on publishers’ desks. Fiona treats mini masterclassers with the same energetic determination to give them their chance to submit their work professionally as she does every writer from the commercial fiction signature class.

She suggests that nervous newcomers to the world of storytelling might find the less formal surrounds and small group learning easier to cope with but the mini masterclass is used by the alumni as a refresher course and by writers who have been submitting their manuscripts for a while with no success and looking for that elusive inspiration and mentoring that might bring the epiphany they seek.

Masterclass Details

In three days Fiona will cover all the major building blocks of commercial fiction from the hook to the pacing of escalating drama that is essential to win attention. Every writer will have private time with Fiona to go through his or her work, using a report that Fiona will have prepared from reading a sample of the writer’s work and synopsis.

Writers across all genres are welcomed, although those pursuing children’s picture books or stories for the very young are encouraged to look for a specific workshop designed for that specialised market. Anyone working within the YA, New Adult and an Adult market will suit the week well. Unless the intention is to fictionalise, then memoir writers should also look for a different course that is specifically designed to aid the crafting of an autobiography.

Currently held at a heritage listed performing arts centre in the historic town of Auburn in the Clare Valley, the 3-day weekend permits up to 10 writers and includes morning tea and lunch daily.

Due to demand, Fiona has finally agreed to taking the mini masterclass on the road and the first of these classes will occur in Tasmania. If the first ‘roadshow’ mini masterclass is deemed successful, she will hope to host annual Tasmanian minis and will look to host a mini masterclass in Queensland where she knows the demand is high.


January 2022 (Hobart) – Full
June 2022 – Full
June 2023 – Open

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Are you like me and love words and books and have always wondered if somewhere in you lurked a novel? Then do what I have just done. Mini Masterclass. You couldn’t be in safer hands and Fiona has a magical way of unearthing your latent talent. She is so generous sharing freely knowledge and experiences and giving you the best possible chance of being published. I know this 61 year old will never look back. I just wish I had done this years ago. PS Be like a sponge and open yourself up to your group – they will become your strongest support crew.

Bindy, New Zealand

Before Mini Masterclass I was feeling lost and uncertain about my writing, but 3 days with Fiona changed everything – my writing, my skill set, ME! Fiona’s Mini Masterclass delivered on many levels; Fiona was inspiring, generous, informative (her knowledge is amazing), she faced our challenges head on and shared with humour and honesty. We were a mixed bag – from the writer who had not yet put fingers to the keyboard to those who had an enviable word count, but we all left united with not only motivation and a clear direction but the tools to move forward and bring our stories to life. I am so thankful that Fiona McIntosh is running these classes, and that I had the guts to join the group and put myself out there. Masterclass, is the only way to go!

Carolyn, Queensland

Before I attended Fiona’s inaugural Mini Masterclass I was a complete novice who had struggled to write 10 pages in 6 months. Well, Fiona’s Mini Masterclass delivered everything I had hoped for and more. Fiona is a brilliant teacher and guide. Inspiring, passionate and professional. She’s generous with her praise and insightful with her constructive critique. She covered all the key building blocks of what is required for a successful commercial fiction novel, as well as her trade secrets for delivering a novel that truly sparkles – and most importantly sells! Also, because we were a small group away in the stunning Clare Valley, I found we really bonded and are happily supporting each other post class. Oh, and I most mention the food was bountiful and delicious too. I highly recommend Fiona if you want to put your foot on the accelerator when it comes to your writing.

Justine, Western Australia

I have just returned from three beautiful days in the Clare Valley for the inaugural Mini Masterclass in novel writing by Fiona McIntosh. You will find the word “inspiring” featured in most of the testimonials. And it was. It inspired me to start writing and taught me a lot about how to help the reader inhabit the world of the characters, about making characters entertaining, about character development and increasing tension and drama. Other benefits are the one-on-one critique of your work by Fiona and her contacts in the publishing world. This Masterclass is definitely worth the price of admission. As an added bonus, we had a gorgeous setting in a vineyard and delicious local produce served for morning and afternoon teas and lunch. What’s not to like?

Heather, Queensland

Thank you soooo much, Fiona McIntosh for such an inspiring, heartfelt, entertaining and thoroughly wonderful three days. I loved every minute of it – even when I was ready to throw it all in because I know now that that was a huge turning point for me.

Caroline, South Australia